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Staying Active in Body & Spirit

By Felicia L. Niven It was time for Tai Chi. The group of seniors formed a circle, some in wheelchairs, others settling comfortably in chairs. Activities leader Cindy Weinraub walked around, warmly welcoming each person by name and clasping their hands in greeting. “Only do what’s comfortable,” she reminded them, as she led the group

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Seashore Gardens Living Center wins Best of the Press Gold for the 4th Year in a Row

We are happy to announce that Seashore Gardens Living Center has won Best of the Press ( Press of Atlantic City) GOLD for the fourth year in a row for Best Senior/ Assisted Living!    

Finding the Perfect Fit

An Article by Felicia Niven Photos by Alex Anton Finding that Perfect Fit When my 82-year-old father spent over a week in the hospital last fall, reality hit home quickly. He would need real help when he came home, and my mother wasn’t going to be able to do it alone. I began turning over

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Why We Golf: The Seashore Gardens Foundation Centennial Golf Tournament

For the past nine years, Art Gurman has been driving to doctor appointments, and in the process, making memories. As the concierge in Seashore Gardens Assisted Living, Art is the one that residents rely on when they need an appointment or a ride—or simply a good chat. It’s a role he enjoys thoroughly because he

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Father’s Day at Seashore Gardens Living Center ( 6/17)

Why We Run: The Malloy Family

The early signs were subtle. Cutting pills in half when it wasn’t necessary. Difficulty recalling the names of specific places, people or objects. Maybe these were normal signs of aging but her daughters weren’t so sure. Their mother was changing before their eyes. Mary Malloy was fortunate in the fact that she was not alone.

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A Wonderful Life – A Reblog from Our EnrichingElderLives Blog

*Update* Assisted Living Resident Claire just celebrated her 98th birthday on this snowy first day of spring. Happy Birthday Claire* Claire just celebrated her 94th birthday on the first day of spring. Seashore Gardens has a monthly group birthday party, and at March’s party you would have found Claire dancing. “I use a walker, but I

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Caregivers: How to Cope This Winter

Wanted: Dedicated worker available 24/7 for a high-stress position, no vacations or days off, and zero monetary compensation Chances are you wouldn’t even apply for the position above. But for millions of caregivers in our country, they have no choice. They have a loved one in need, and they’re the designated caregiver. The winter months

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Seashore Gardens Residents Ring in the New Year in Space Age Style

(Galloway, N.J.) Residents of the Seashore Gardens Living Center (SGLC) got a jump on celebrating the arrival of 2018 with a New Year’s Eve celebration on Thursday, December 28 from 6-8 p.m. The event’s theme was ‘Out of This World’ and decorations included planets, stars and even a rocket ship, all prepared by the SGLC

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Seashore Gardens Resident Council Officers Raise Money for Alzheimer’s Outreach

Mary Hood knows a thing or two about fundraising. As president of SGLC’s Resident Council she helped inspire staff and other residents to donate to the Seashore Gardens 5K Run & Health Walk to benefit Alzheimer’s Outreach. Mary sat at a table on the SGLC Boardwalk, selling “feet” to support the 5K teams during three

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