The mission of Seashore Gardens Foundation is to provide aid and support for the health care programs and supportive services provided by Seashore Gardens Living Center. The duties of Seashore Gardens Foundation Board members include control of property and assets of Seashore Gardens Foundation and action on all matters of policy that manage and administer the functions of the Foundation.

Please consider joining the Seashore Gardens Foundation Society, which enables us to budget annually to support shortfalls in our operating budget.

<font size="2"><center><b>Seashore Elder Housing Ribbon Cutting</b></font>

Seashore Elder Housing Ribbon Cutting

Seashore Gardens Foundation Board Members Brian K. Jackson, Steven Chang, Shirley Bernstein, Richard Cohen, Ted Rich, Shelley Bernstein, Howard Bacharach*, Martin H. Klein *Of Blessed Memory

Seashore Gardens Foundation
Board of Directors 2016


Richard Cohen, CPA

<font size="5" color="orange"><b>Board Members</font>

Board Members

Ted Rich, CLU

<font size="3" color="navy"><b>Ted Rich, CLU

Shirley Bernstein
Vice President

<font size="3" color="navy"><b>Shirley Bernstein</font></b><br/>Vice President

Edwin Blake

<font size="3" color="navy"><b>Edwin Blake

Shelley Bernstein

<font size="3" color="navy"><b>Shelley Bernstein</font></b><br/>Secretary

Steven Chang, R. PH

<font size="3" color="navy"><b>Steven Chang, R. PH

Martin Klein, LNHA, CALA

<font size="3" color="navy"><b>Martin Klein, LNHA, CALA</font></b><br/>Treasurer

Brian K. Jackson, MBA

<font size="3" color="navy"><b>Brian K. Jackson, MBA