Home Health Care

As SGLC approaches 100 years of dedicated service, its mission and goals remain the same: to enrich the quality of life for each and every one of its residents and the people who pass through its doors.

What’s changing are the additional ways to fulfill this mission. Aging “baby boomers” and the 2010 Affordable Care Act join forces to make this the right time for a new service to be offered in the coming months as part of SGLC: Seashore Gardens Without Walls, LLC. “It’s Good to be Home.”

We receive many calls from individuals or their children in need of counseling, education and referrals. The government has implemented a financial penalty in an effort to reduce the staggering number of readmissions and the $17 billion annual cost associated with preventable admissions. Seashore Gardens Without Walls, LLC is committed to the government’s agenda and the community’s well-being. We will help those in need of these services to navigate the system and offer home care services for staying at home in a structured way. Helping seniors live longer, safely, happily and more independently in their own homes.

Email Bill Resnick, Program Coordinator or call 609-748-4619 with any questions or inquiries.

Bill Resnick
Program Coordinator

Bill ResnickProgram Coordinator