Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services staff at Seashore Gardens Living Center knows the power of encouragement, effort, and form. Select Medical Rehabilitation provides onsite physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Sometimes a loved one needs rehab services along with skilled nursing care after a hospitalization. Sometimes a loved one needs therapy after a fall or medical procedure. Located close to medical offices and hospitals, the grounds offer opportunities for walking and moving so you can get back home.

•Helps residents return to normal activities
•Increases strength, reduces pain, improves balance and endurance
•Teaches safe movement strategies

•Instructs on how to use adaptive techniques, skills or equipment to overcome physical limitations and resume routine activities
•Educates on strengthening and coordination exercises

• Identifies strategies to help remember both past and upcoming events
• Breaks down and organizes information to ease decision making
• Demonstrates effective communication techniques

We participate in Medicare/Medicaid and accept many supplemental insurance.
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