Respite / Vacation Stay

Respite means "relief". A short term stay under our Respite program provides some relief time for a caregiver and family when a loved one stays with us. This program offers our home-like environment on a temporary basis to persons whose usual residential situation is temporarily interrupted. Family members may take comfort from knowing their loved one is cared for while they are away. Caregivers and families may find circumstances for a respite stay such as:
• a vacation
• travel for business
• elective surgery
• some time for themselves

Knowing one is receiving medication, treatments, meals, and activities enable families to have peace of mind and enjoy their free time. A bonus, loved ones make new friends.

Respite stay is available in the Nursing Facility for those requiring care and medical oversight. Vacation plans are available in Assisted Living for those that are more independent.

To learn more about Respite and Vacation Plans, contact 609-404-4848, or