Summer Sizzler
Youth Program Explanation
Mission Statement

The Summer Sizzlers Youth Program, instituted by the Recreation Department, allows young people in the community, between the ages of 14-16, to work with the residents of Seashore Gardens Living Center and to become exposed to volunteerism.

The idea was created in early spring 2001 to design a program for the young teenager in the community. Our mission is as follows:

• Increase youth interaction with our residents
• Supplement our current inter-generational programming
• Enable young teens to experience the satisfaction of volunteerism and helping others
• Eliminate negative conceptions about the elderly, nursing homes, and homes for the aged that youth may possess
• Expose young teens to basic work ethics and health care careers
• Provide companionship and friendship to residents
• Educate youth on historical events through real life experiences with residents who have lived through the Holocaust, the Depression, World War II, space exploration, and the Civil Rights Movement, as well as other real life experiences.

The Summer Sizzlers Youth Program was developed as a “2” for “1” plan. The youth receives a “2” for “1” benefit for his/her future by a work reference for a resume and volunteerism for school credit. The program works with one paid hour accompanied by one volunteer hour. The paid hourly rate is minimum wage. For example, a Sizzler that is here two hours receives pay for one hour and the other hour counts as volunteer time.

Volunteer activities and work activities include but are not limited to the following: assisting the recreation department with programs, strolls outside, storytelling, letter writing, gardening, helping pass out trays and putting on aprons during meal times, 1 to 1 visits, playing board games, helping to decorate for large parties, arts and crafts, cleaning equipment, and watering plants.

The Summer Sizzler participants choose their own days and times to come into the facility. It is expected that participants will follow their scheduled times. The only exceptions are prior arrangements and illness.

The Summer Sizzlers must come into the facility to fill out an application. The Sizzlers are interviewed by the Director of Recreation and the program is explained to them. The Sizzlers are required to get working papers and complete a W-4. They also receive an ID badge. During the first week the Sizzlers are trained and attend an orientation.

The Summer Sizzler program runs from the end of June until mid-August. Those interested in the program should apply in person at Seashore Gardens Living Center from mid-March to mid-April.

For more information please contact Missy Rundio, Director of Recreations and Volunteers at 609-748-4407 or Email Missy.