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Seashore Gardens Living Center’s Compliance Plan


The Hebrew Old Age Home of Atlantic City T/A Seashore Gardens Living Center, through continuous support since the early 1900’s, has been committed to conducting business with integrity and in accordance with federal, state and local laws. We are proud of our honest reputation. To continue our mission of providing quality of life in the Jewish tradition, we have established a Corporate Compliance Program that sets our standards and rules for ethical business practices for all employees, members of our Board of Directors and our business associates.

Seashore Gardens Living Center is a participant in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, both of which are governed by complex laws and regulations. We are obligated to comply with the terms and requirements of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (the “DRA”). In accordance with the DRA, we have written policies and procedures for all contractors and agents that provides details about the Federal False Claims Act, relevant state laws, and the whistleblower protections under such laws, and Seashore Gardens Living Center’s policies for detecting and preventing waste, fraud, and abuse.

This document provides general guidelines to help us understand how to conduct business and, as such, governs the conduct of all persons and businesses we come in contact with. We want to ensure that employees, vendors and business associates understand the Seashore Gardens Living Center’s Corporate Compliance Program and that questionable, unethical or illegal conduct is reported, fully reviewed and investigated, and the appropriate action has been taken. Your dedication to these standards will allow us to continue to provide compassionate, cost-effective care to our residents in a truly living environment. Thanks for helping us maintain our fine tradition of integrity.

Martin H. Klein, LNHA, CALA

Our Mission

The Simon & Sylvia Zisman Seashore Gardens Living Center is a nonprofit home for the aged, guided by Jewish tradition, law, and charity, dedicated to enriching the quality of life for each of our residents. Seashore Gardens Living Center continuously strives to provide the finest quality of health care and supportive services to our residents by:

  • Creating a caring and compassionate atmosphere
  • Providing a dedicated staff of professionals who understand the needs of the elderly
  • Encouraging resident and family involvement and participation
  • Utilizing available community resources

Seashore Gardens Living Center promises to remain proactive in meeting the challenges we face with the understanding that we are in existence for our residents. Guided by Jewish tradition, the Simon & Sylvia Zisman Seashore Gardens Living Center welcomes people of all races, religions and creed.

Meals are a meaningful social experience, contributing to residents’ sense of wellbeing. Residents enjoy three meals a day, prepared in-house by our dedicated culinary team. For special occasions and family gatherings, residents may reserve private dining rooms or the theater. For more information on kosher dining at Seashore Gardens Living Center, visit the dining page.

Seashore Gardens Living Center Compliance PlanVendor Compliance Acknowledgement Form

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The Simon & Sylvia Zisman Seashore Gardens Living Center is an independent, nonprofit home for the aged with over 100 years of service. Back in 1916 we started as a little house in Atlantic City, New Jersey. We’ve grown in services and location. Today we are on a 20 acre campus in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Come visit us today.

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