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It can be a real challenge to recover from surgery, injury or illness, especially as we age. Our skilled rehabilitation team understands the sometimes daunting road to recovery and the importance of regaining your independence. We bridge the gap between hospital and home, with the personalized plan that helps you increase mobility, balance, strength and function for daily living.

Our rehabilitation program is designed for short-term inpatient stays. Rehab patients may enjoy
all of the services onsite at Seashore Gardens Living Center, including access to our skilled nursing staff, social workers, and dietician. Physicians are on call 24/7, as needed.

Our restorative therapy plans are highly individualized based on your specific needs and abilities. Rehabilitation sessions take place in our state-of-the-art therapy gym, featuring the specialized equipment, and encouraging approach, that makes the difference.


  • Physical Therapy – Our therapists will help you with coordination and balance to promote stability when you walk, stand or sit, and work with you on safe movement strategies. We’ll also help build your strength and endurance to improve muscle function.
  • Occupational Therapy – Our therapist will help you regain the essential functions of daily living from dressing and grooming to bathing and eating. We will instruct you on adaptive techniques to overcome physical disabilities. For our patients with painful arthritis, we can teach you exercises to maintain normal joint movement while reducing that pain.
  • Speech Therapy – Our speech therapist works with you on language and memory skills. We will help strengthen your oral muscles, and work on articulating clearly and swallowing safely. We will help with your cognitive awareness and response.

An Encouraging & Caring Staff

The Rehabilitation staff knows the power of encouragement. Our goal is to help each person reach his or her maximum potential. As a result, our customer survey results are overwhelmingly positive.

Medicare/Medicaid & Insurance Accepted

We participate in Medicare/Medicaid and accept many supplemental insurance. For more information call 609-404-4848 or email Admissions at

  • Nicole Goodson
    Director of Rehabilitation Services

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The Simon & Sylvia Zisman Seashore Gardens Living Center is an independent, nonprofit home for the aged with over 100 years of service. Back in 1916 we started as a little house in Atlantic City, New Jersey. We’ve grown in services and location. Today we are on a 20 acre campus in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Come visit us today.

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