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Short-Term Rehab

Sometimes a loved one needs therapy after a fall or medical procedure. Our rehabilitation team is here to help. Therapy services are offered six days per week, using a state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and approach. Customized care plans are developed for each patient. Patients stay for a short-term at Seashore Gardens Living Center, and enjoy all of the services onsite. Physicians are on call 24/7, as needed. We participate in Medicare/Medicaid and accept many supplemental insurance.

Physical Therapy

  • Helps residents return to prior level of function
  • Increases strength, reduces pain, improves balance and endurance
  • Teaches safe movement strategies

Occupational Therapy

  • Instructs on how to use adaptive techniques, skills or equipment to overcome physical limitations and resume routine activities
  • Educates on strengthening and coordination exercises

Speech Therapy

  • Helps to improve short-term and long-term memory recall
  • Provides strategies to improve increased safety awareness/reasoning
  • Improves expressive/receptive language
  • Improves strength and ability to safely swallow
  • Works on volume and improved ability to communicate

Come visit us today!

The Simon & Sylvia Zisman Seashore Gardens Living Center is an independent, nonprofit home for the aged with over 100 years of service. Back in 1916 we started as a little house in Atlantic City, New Jersey. We’ve grown in services and location. Today we are on a 20 acre campus in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Come visit us today.

Keeping Connected During Covid-19Keeping Connected During Covid-19
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