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For the people who are passionate about helping others

By April 26, 2023No Comments

It may have been 15 years ago, but Scott Brown remembers it as if it were yesterday. “My grandfather was fine one day, and then he started to forget things. It happened so quickly. All of a sudden, he couldn’t live by himself. His condition deteriorated and he needed care.” Tragically, Scott’s grandfather passed soon after in a nursing home, and Scott will never forget the helplessness that he felt. So, when he was asked to support the Seashore Gardens 5K Run & Health Walk, he didn’t hesitate.

“The fundraiser supports outreach for Alzheimer’s and dementia,” noted Scott. “It affects so many, and not just those battling the disease but their families. Awareness is important.

“We’re a small agency, and so we choose our causes carefully,” said Scott. “It is easy to support people that are so passionate about helping others—Janice, Marty, Alysia, Sharon, and Erin.  Seashore Gardens has some of the best people who go the extra mile to enrich elder lives, not only with Alzheimer’s and dementia, but with everyone entrusted to their care. We’re glad to be a part of it.”

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